I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate the staff you have.  As you know we visit mom mostly in the evening through the week.  Each evening we are there the aides are such a joy to have around.  They interact with the residents and show a compassion and interest in them.  I am glad to have mom in a place where the staff cares.
Traci – daughter

I’ve returned home, but with a very good feeling that my mother-in-law is living in a great place and will be taken care of in a loving and kind way.  She is so much better off in this setting than sitting alone at home with little-to-no stimulation and no good reason to try to stay vital and connected.  Just in the time I was there with her, I could see an improvement in how she looks, even her color was better.  Certainly going to hear the Sand Gap Boys, seeing the line dancers and attending her first flexibility class is more than she’s done in years. Thanks again for offering such a warm welcome to our family.
Melanie – daughter

It was hard giving up the care of my wife, and having her come here. She’s been in Special Care almost three years now, and I’ve only missed coming to see her eleven days in that time. I am so pleased the aides are hard-working and compassionate. The housekeeping team is good, and there are no bad smells like in other places I’ve been.
Walt – husband

This place has been a wonderful blessing to me. It’s my home now, and I get lots of support. I tell people about this place every day. I get so much love here. The atmosphere is very caring. I want others to know that feeling.
Vicki – resident

I love it here. I am happy, and the people are so kind. It’s so nice to come back from breakfast and my bed’s made! The housekeepers and maintenance man are wonderful, and such a help. I love the food, the desserts, and the crazy table I sit at for meals. The other women and I have a good time…joking, laughing and carrying on. I am glad my family found this place, and I don’t have to live in that big old house all by myself. Everyone here is so nice.
Violet – resident